Interface Lite

Flocklined Nitrile gloves

Neo Flex

Fabric supported heavy neoprene coating with a smooth finish on a cotton interlock liner

Interface Ultragrip

Unlined Nitrile glove with a half coated wave-like porous structure

Sheer Plus CR5

Nitrile Coated with HPPE Glass Knitted Liner

Interface Neo

Bi coloured Neoprene over Nitrile unlined glove with a micro roughened surface

Chem Cut 5

Nitrile Coating with HPPE Glass Knitted Liner

Keto Resister

PVA coated unlined nitrile gloves to resist acetone, acetone water mixtures, methanol and can be used in high humid conditions

Interface Tough

Heavyweight Unlined Nitrile Gloves

Sheer Pro

Neoprene coating on cotton seamless liner

Frontier 78

Neoprene Flocklined Long length Glove

Frontier 75

Neoprene Flocklined Glove

Nova Super 65

Natural Rubber Flocklined Heavy Weight Glove

Nova 55

Natural Rubber Flocklined Medium Weight Glove