Corporate Social Responsibility


A deep commitment to sustainability is at the core of who we are, and we consistently strive to embed principles of responsible sourcing, manufacturing and marketing to our operations. This is reflected by our compliance to several international environmental and sustainability certifications including the following;

Responsible sourcing

As one of the world’s leading ethical glove manufacturers, we empower and uplift the livelihoods of over 2000 latex suppliers through our award-winning “DPL Firstlight” initiative. A multi-faceted initiative, DPL Firstlight is founded on the following principles,

Firstlight website:

Responsible manufacturing

A comprehensive environmental policy and management framework are in place to ensure that the environmental impacts of our processes are minimized. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels through driving the use of renewable energy has been a key focus in recent years and we have made substantial investments in installing bio-mass heaters, energy efficient machinery and lighting solutions wherever possible. Organization-wide mechanisms are also in place for the efficient use of water and responsible disposal of waste and effluents.