Innovation is an integral part of what we do. It is our quest to push existing boundaries through technology and cutting-edge research that has resulted in our competitive advantage in the global protective hand-wear landscape.

We are fully equipped to customise and manufacture any type of glove to cater to the specific requirements of our customer, a feat that not many competitors in our region have achieved.

Our innovation team, headed by 14 trained and qualified professionals, work extensively on securing intellectual property rights on our inventions such as Keto Resistor (a specialised glove to handle ketones and other hazardous chemicals whilst exhibiting hydrophobic characteristics), Magneto (magnetically detectable gloves) and Interace Ultragrip (a specliased glove for better grip in an oily surface).

Today, we hold 14 international and national patents.

Five Technology Platforms Introduced to Nitrile Gloves

In 2020, we launched five pillars for innovation featuring unique characteristics across the categories including comfort, grip, chemical resistance,
skin safety and biodegradability. They are:

DPL Comfort Technology: Nitrile gloves with enhanced comfort and flexibility. 

Nitrile gloves are generally not as flexible or as comfortable when compared to Natural Rubber latex gloves due to their inherent properties. We developed gloves to provide enhanced comfort, flexibility and reduced hand fatigue by integrating unique technology. 

Ex: Interface Flexi 

DPL Super Grip Technology: Nitrile gloves with a superior grip for all conditions; dry, wet and oil.

We created different surface textures during the dipping process which improved the grip/friction of the glove, allowing it to surpass the conventional NBR glove with a standard grip pattern.

Ex: Interface Ultragrip, Elasto Plus

DPL Super Chem Technology: Nitrile gloves with enhanced chemical resistance.

Although conventional Nitrile gloves are resistant to hydrocarbons, they have poor resistance to oxidising acids and bases. We introduced Nitrile gloves with superior chemical resistance to the conventional NBR products, especially for oxidising acids, methanol, acetone, acetic acid and toluene.

Ex: Keto Resister, Interface Neo

DPL Earth Safe Technology: Nitrile gloves with biodegradable properties.

Nitrile gloves are not biodegradable. We introduced Nitrile gloves that can biodegrade. This added feature ensures a cleaner environment while allowing the glove to maintain similar mechanical and chemical performances to conventional Nitrile and NBR gloves.

Ex: Interface Eco

DPL Skin Safe Technology: Nitrile gloves free of latex chemical allergy.

We introduced Nitrile gloves that are free from latex and chemical allergy, free of organic accelerators, sulphur and low residual ZnO. We wanted to create a product that protects its users from all types of allergies while maintaining the same physical and chemical performances of conventional Nitrile gloves.

Ex: Interface Prime

Supported Technologies

Innovative glove manufacturing

Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

People wear gloves to protect themselves when working in hazardous environments. However, fabric supported gloves offer less protection to the back of the palm than the palm area. To overcome this obstacle and offer more protection, we added  ‘TPR’ or ThermoPlastic Rubber to the back of the palm area. 

This includes adding a PVC based compound to the back of the palm to give the wearer a 360° protection with both EN and ANSI standard impact protection. We’re also able to customise the TPR design according to the client’s requirements. 

Eco-friendly gloves (rPET)

With the ever-increasing threat of pollution, we have innovated and increased our eco-friendly product range. We added Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) polyester yarns derived from waste PET plastic bottles into the production of glove liners. PET bottles are converted into PET flakes which undergo a monofilament extrusion process to make the PET yarn. This process is further curated to ensure that we reduce waste in line with our sustainability efforts which can be measured per pair. 

  • Energy savings upto 0.387kwh per pair
  • Saving up to 5.15 litres of water per pair
  • CO2 reduction upto 227grms per pair.

DPL Eco friend gloves- Innovative glove manufacturing