Supported Gloves are essential in many workplaces where workers are exposed to hazardous conditions that can cause injury. At DPL, we offer a wide range of Supported gloves to suit various industries and functionalities. The comfort, fit, and feel of our supported gloves make them the perfect safety glove for long-term use without any hand fatigue. Whether it’s cut, cold, chemical, impact, mechanical, or abrasion protection, our supported gloves are ideal for heavy-duty applications with assured protection that prioritize both your safety and productivity.

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Viking Thermo A6 gloves

Viking Thermo A6

Primary Industries

  • Cut Resistance Level “A6/F
  • The Kevlar and Aramid steel nature of the gloves give improved heat resistance
  • Specially constructed liners provide high abrasion and cut resistance
  • The nature of the liner gives the glove heat resistivity