Rubber insulating Gloves are an essential element in protecting workers that are exposed to live wires. The LINEPRO® Electrical Glove range; assures hand protection against serious injuries from electric shock and burn. It is the most premium and functional Glove in DPL’s product portfolio and is made with Specially Synthesized, highly pure grade Natural Rubber Latex. Each and every Glove from the LINEPRO® range undergoes a proof voltage test. samples from every lot are tested against mechanical and aging requirements in compliance with EN60903:2003/IEC60903:2014 and ASTM D120 standards.

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Electrical Gloves Class 00

Electrician Gloves – Class 0

Primary Industries

  • Made with specially treated high-grade natural rubber compounds for assured electrical protection
  • Superior anatomical construction results and low-temperature flexibility results in lower hand fatigue thus enhancing the wearer’s comfort for longer durations
  • Each and every glove undergoes 100% quality inspection for electrical insulation
  • Proof voltage tested on a premium grade test machine, custom made in the USA
  • ASTM/EN colour coded marking shows working voltage for reference and safety