Arm Sleeve A7-Eco-min

Arm sleeve A7 – Eco

Primary Industries

  • Cut Resistance level “A7/F”
  • Made with HPPE / Steel
  • Complete wrist-to-elbow protection.
  • Ultra flexible high performance
  • Features a thumb hole for a secure fit
  • Ultra lightweight for better comfort and mobility
  • Velcro strapping to prevent sliding down
  • Eco-friendly recycled polyester


Product Name Arm sleeve A7 – Eco
Liner composition rPET/HPEE/Steel/Nylon
Gauge 13
Regular colour/s Black/White/Orange


Standards and Certifications

  • Auto assembly
  • General purpose
  • Glass handling
  • Recycling Fabrication
  • Foundry
  • Suitable for use with food