Electrical Gloves Class 00
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Electrical Gloves Class 00

Primary Industries

  • Made with specially treated high-grade natural rubber compounds for assured electrical protection
  • Superior anatomical construction results and low-temperature flexibility results in lower hand fatigue thus enhancing the wearer’s comfort for longer durations
  • Each and every glove undergoes 100% quality inspection for electrical insulation
  • Proof voltage tested on a premium grade test machine, custom made in the USA
  • ASTM/EN colour coded marking shows working voltage for reference and safety


Class Type Class 00
Marking tag color Beige
Cuff profile Straight/ Bell (Beaded/Cut)
Length inches 11,14 (±0.5) Inches (ASTM D120)

280, 360 (±15) mm (EN 60903)

Thickness(max) mm 0.75 (ASTM D120)

1.10 (EN 60903)

Color Black/Red/ Natural/ Orange
Size range 7,8,9,10,11,12
PPE Category III
Proof test voltage AC (V) 2500
Maximum working
voltage AC (V)
Withstand voltage AC (V) 5000
Category Resistance to Acids (A)

Resistance to very low temperature (C)

Resistance to Ozone (Z)

Arc Flash (EN61482-1-2) APC 1

  • PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

  • Power companies (Utilities)
  • Electrical workshops Installation
  • Maintenance and repairs involving high voltage equipment
  • Telecommunications and Transportation Industries