Electrician Gloves Class 4
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Electrician Gloves Class 4

Primary Industries

Features of Linepro Class 4
  • Made with specially treated high grade natural rubber latex compounds from our own DPL plantations that offers superior dielectric properties.
  • Its superior anatomical construction and low temperature flexibility results in lower hand fatigue thus enhancing the wearer’s comfort for longer durations
  • Being an environmentally concerned company, we follow a latex based dipping process that conforms to eco-friendly standards.
  • ASRM/EN color coded marking shows working voltage for reference and safety
  • Packed in opaque UV resistant bags and individual boxes for product protection


Class Type Class 4
Marking tag color Orange
Cuff profile Straight / Bell cuff
Length 16 (+/- 0.5) (ASTM D120)

410 (+/- 15) mm (EN 60903)

Thickness(max) mm 3.6 (ASTM D120)

4.10 (EN 60903)

Color Black/Red/ Natural/Dual/ Orange
Size range 8, 8 1/2, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2, 11
PPE Category III
Proof test voltage AC(V) 40,000
Maximum working voltage AC(V) 36,000
Withstand test voltage AC(V) EN 60903 50,000
Minimum breakdown voltage AC(V) ASTM D120 50,000
Category R, C
Arc Flash Protection class (EN61482-1-2) APC 2


*Includes additional 0.60mm allowed in EN 60903 for categories A and H

Standards and Certifications

  • Power companies (Utilities)
  • Electrical workshops Installation
  • Maintenance and repairs involving high voltage equipment
  • Telecommunications and Transportation Industries