Interface Touch-min

Interface Touch

Primary Industries

  • A flexible Nitrile glove with touchscreen sensitivity
  • Formulated to dissipate static charge, meeting EN 16350:2014 standard
  • Free from external conductive connections and adjustment systems
  • Suitable for typical nitrile glove applications.
  • Anti-slip pattern for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions


Product Name Interface Touch
Material Nitrile Rubber
Liner Unlined
Grip Options Reverse Lozenge
Cuff Straight
Length /mm 300
Thickness* (mm) / Weight* (g) 0.28 or 0.38
Colours Green, Blue, Purple


Standards and Certifications

  • Household application
  • Spray Paint Industry
  • Spray powder industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry