MecPro Grip gloves
MecPro Grip gloves

MecPro Grip

Primary Industries

  • Synthetic high-cut resistant level C fabric covered with microfibre fabric
  • Impact hazard and smash protection
  • Synthetic micro palm with a unique silicone print pattern to provide superior grip
  • Contact heat level 2
  • Ergonomically designed for improved dexterity
  • Using PET polyester yarn that has been extruded from waste plastic bottles


Product Name MecPro Grip
Material Palm-Synthetic Leather
Back of Palm- HPPE/ Glass/ Spandex/ PVC/ PU/ PET Polyester yarn
Grip Silicone print pattern
Cuff Open cuff with elastic at wrist
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Length /mm
Thickness* (mm) / Weight* (g)
Colours Grey/Black
Ratings EN 388- 3X44C

EN 407- X2XXXX

  • PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

  • Automotive industry
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Construction
  • Glass handling
  • Towing and transportation
  • Carton handling
  • DIY
  • Metal scrap collection