Doctor with Covid-19 test kit from the lab at the hospital

Powder Free Nitrile ICP Glove

Primary Industries

  • 100% Nitrile with no plasticizers
  • Free of Natural rubber latex, thereby reducing the potential risk of type I allergies
  • Particulate residue per glove is less than 2mg/glove
  • Beaded cuff provides strength and facilitate easier donning
  • Textured fingertip enhances wet and dry grip
  • Food contact approved, suitable for handling all types of food
  • Tested and verified for virus protection
  • Chlorination process further reduce residual chemicals on the surface to ensure the safety of the wearer, minimize contamination, cleaner and smooth feel


Product Name Powder Free Nitrile ICP Glove
Elastomer Nitrile Rubber
Type Non- Sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Cuff Type Beaded
Surface Finger Textured
Length /mm 240mm
Thickness at Palm 0.13mm
Colours Purple, Blue, Black , Green
Glove Finish Powder-free


Standards and Certifications

  • Patient Examination
  • Laboratory Work
  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture