XLP 21-A2-B-min

XLP 21 – A2/B

Primary Industries

  • High-level cut protection A2/B
  • Touch screen/ESD compatibility
  • Enriched comfort with an ultra-lightweight and thin seamless liner for better
  • Enhanced Durability for Extended Use: Improved DFT™ Technology delivers up to
  • 25% more abrasion resistance for longer-lasting handling in abrasive conditions


Product Name XLP 21 – A2/B
Liner composition Nylon/HPPE/Spandex
Gauge 21
Liner colour/s Green melange
Polymer Nitrile Latex
Coating Microfoam
Coating coverage Palm
Coating colour/s Black


Standards and Certifications

  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Road construction
  • Handling of sheet metal
  • Mining
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • DIY work